Wednesday, April 2, 2008

These are my top 5 romantic getaways in Sicily:

Ok so after Valentine's Day, and to continue with the romantic vibe, here are some special places in Sicily for creating the spark between you and your partner...

Taormina, love at first sight
Beautiful rocky cliffs overlooking a deep blue sea. Noisy streets full of charming boutiques, good looking people and, of course, vespa scooters buzzing around. A magnificently located, greek theater dating from the 3rd century, that has become one of the most famous Sicilian monuments, all surrounded by crystal clear water and bays.
Yes, it is kind of turisty, but definitely a must-see in Sicily because of the sheer beauty of the setting. You won’t regret…

Erice, a cozy retreat
This small town has been called by many “the pearl of Sicily.” Situated at about 4 miles from Trapani, it is definitely worth a visit. Wheter you are a honeymooner or you’ve just filed for your third divorce, Erice’s medieval appeal will charm the coldest of hearts. The narrow streets and the two beautiful castles are just breathtaking… seriously, after walking up the slope you WILL need to catch your breath.

Cefalù laid back romance
Sandy beaches, peace and quiet together with spectacular sea views. And if you miss good ol' city life, well you’re a short drive from Palermo. This seaside town has a charming historic center, an ancient Greek temple and many attractions including delightful restaurants overlooking the coast. People here seem to be on vacation all-year-round, it’s all about relaxing and having a laid-back beach attitude.

Castello di Falconara… if you like fairy tales
The Falconara Castle is nowadays a lodging structure that rents rooms and apartments or is available for receptions. As a matter of fact, the whole castle can be rented (not that I ever did). I usually don’t talk about hotels, but this place has such a dramatic setting, that I thought I should mention it. The castle dates from the 14th century and it seats on a rocky outcrop overlooking the sea. It’s located near Butera in the province of Caltanissetta.

Pantelleria Island, a great place for kissing
Pantelleria is an island formed by a dormant volcano located in the Sicily Channel. You can describe it as a place where the Arab culture meets its Mediterranean counterpart; all over the island you’ll see ancient Arab constructions (dammusi) built with the local stone. A typical house in Pantelleria will be a square building with thick walls and a cistern on the roof to collect rainwater. The coast is rocky all around, so don’t expect sandy beaches. A good way to explore the island is renting a quad and just driving around the countryside or stopping along the coast in every spot that you like. For a romantic evening, I recommend sipping bellinis as the sun goes down on the terrace of the “U Friscu” caffè.